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Attention food operation owners, kitchen managers and food handler supervisors! This one day class prepares you to take the examination needed to certify or recertify you as a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM). This certification requirement is mandated by California State law for all retail food operations (restaurants, cafes, markets, mobile carts, caterers, etc.) and is enforced by local health departments. A CFPM is a certificate that is to be obtained by the owner or employee of food facilities that prepare, handle, or serve non-prepackaged potentially hazardous food. There shall be at least one CFPM person at each food facility. This college’s program (course, instructor, proctor, etc.) is on Los Angeles County Health Department's list of approved trainers and certification providers. The certification is accepted by all health departments in California and nearly all jurisdictions across the United States.   Important:  Pre-registration required!  Walk-in registration is not available for this class.   Exam/Materials Fee: Students who wish to sit for the exam during the last two hours of class will be required to use their credit card to make an online payment of $34 to the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (nationally accredited, third party certifying organization).   Pre-class preparation: Students are expected to familiarize themselves with food protection concepts prior to attending class. Numerous sources of food protection information are available to help you prepare for the exam. Students may also utilize an online refresher training module and study manual developed specifically for this course. The training link and manual are to be requested directly from instructor Gevork Kazanchyan by emailing him at All other class related matters should be directed to the Community Education office: Call 310-660-6460   Food Handler Card (CFH Card)   A Food Handler Card (CFH Card) is a certificate that is required by all food employees who are involved in the preparation, storage, or service of food in a food facility. The CFH Card is obtained after attending a food safety training course and passing an examination from an accredited organization. If you (or co-workers) need the CFH Card, use direct link below:     For additional information on the Food Protection Manager Certification, including how it differs from the Food Handler Card (CFH Card), below is an advisory through LA County Health Department:   For additional information on the certification exam itself and other available preparation resources, visit:      


Schedule : Weekly - Sat 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM; starting 8/12/2017, ending 8/12/2017

Tuition: $89.00

Instructor : Gevork Kazanchyan 

Location : Math Business Allied Health (MBA)Bldg Rm# 303 Location : 
  Math Business Allied Health (MBA)Bldg Rm# 303.

Materials Cost: $34.00

Call 310-660-6460 to register

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Do you want to learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee?  Let Black Coffee LA teach you how!  In this aromatic and interactive coffee brew lab workshop, you’ll learn the science and art of grinding and brewing the perfect cup of coffee, using a handful of different at-home brewing methods.  French press, Mr. Coffee, Chemex--which method is the best for you? Through hands-on training, you’ll learn the basics of hot and cold cups.  As a bonus, you’ll enjoy tastings of a few of Black Coffee LA’s delectable blends and brew methods showcased as part of the class.  You’ll even learn how to make cold-brewed coffee the correct way. Iced coffee is so 5 minutes ago! Who wants hot coffee poured over stale freezer ice? …no thanks.  You’ll be provided a reusable cold-brew coffee kit to take home and enjoy the sweet benefits of cold-water coffee brewing. This class takes place onsite at Black Coffee LA, a real-life small-batch air-roasting coffee facility in a former World War II-era Navy warehouse in San Pedro.  You’ll see how they air roast their beans to perfection!  


Schedule : Weekly - Sat 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM; starting 8/12/2017, ending 8/12/2017

Tuition: $95.00

Instructor : Jason Mitchell 

Location : Black Coffee LA Location : 
  Black Coffee LA.

Materials Cost: $0.00

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“Mom/Dad, can I help you cook?”    Don’t think your kid can cook?  Think again!  This fun-filled Kids cooking class is bursting with hands-on activities, games, and cooking creativity with an emphasis on healthy food choices.  Your child will learn to chop, cut, blend, mix, whip, measure, and mince, while using hands-on cooking tools, and incorporating time management, organizational and social skills.  Each day your child will learn new recipes to share with the whole family!  


Schedule : Weekly - Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM; 9 sessions; starting 6/26/2017, ending 7/7/2017 ; Class Skip Dates : (No class on 7/4/2017)

Tuition: $255.00

Instructor : Nigel Napolion 

Location : TBA Location : 

Materials Cost: $0.00


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